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 Flores Sierra Contractors, Inc. Demolition, Asbestos, Lead and Mold Abatement Contractor. When looking for an asbestos abatement contractor there are several key factors you should look for. Safety and Quality are two top factors in this industry. At Flores Sierra Contractors, Inc. We pride ourselves on completing our jobs safely and cost efficient our competitive pricing won’t blow your budget out of the water! Reasonable comprehensive hourly rates are available for work where a lump sum pricing would not be cost effective. Flores Sierra Contractors, Inc. Has safely completed hundreds of jobs of all sizes from small residential to large scale commercial and industrial building abatement and clean ups. We complete jobs on time and within the budget. Our workers are highly trained and certified individuals with years of experience in the field and our field supervisors are some of the best in the in the industry. Our office staff is friendly and courteous to all the customers needs. We use state of the art personal protective equipment such as the latest in respirators and protective gear, negative air machines, air sampling pump’s etc. .and with the latest training you can’t go wrong, we are up to date with the latest in regulations and procedures required by state, federal, and local agencies our customers include construction and remodeling companies, restoration specialist, government agencies, private companies, and homeowners. While our fees are competitive with any other abatement contractor, we never compromise on safety and/or quality. Here at Flores Sierra Contractors, Inc. Have provided environmental services for a combined 25 year’s of abatement experience and we have established a solid reputation in the state of california . 
DEMOLITION/Flores Sierra Contractors, Inc. Demolition, Asbestos, Lead and Mold Abatement Contractor. Flores Sierra Contractors is primarily engaged in the wrecking and demolition of buildings and other structures .Demolition is done by highly trained experts using the latest in demolition equipment like excavators, track loaders, wheel loaders, off highway trucks, end dumps, concrete crushing equipment etc., and Flores sierra Contractors, Inc. Is capable of supplying a wide range of services ranging from total site demolition to selective demolition of existing buildings and structures the clearing and recycling of demolition debris , to interior and exterior strip out of existing buildings and structures , the handling of asbestos and hazardous heavy metals (e.g. lead )on demolition sites , site remediation (decontamination and waste disposal) specialized concrete cutting (sawing) and removal , concrete crushing ,pre demolition planning and analysis , total or selective demolition of buildings (e.g. offices , warehouses , apartments) , environmental clean up , asbestos removal , selective dismantling and façade preservation , extraction and demolition of underground tanks and utility lines , selective dismantling and asset recovery , architectural salvage . Flores Sierra Contractors, Inc. Your complete demolition contractor. (No job is too small or too big).Flores sierra Contractors ,Inc. The company with a reputation for excellence and professionalism.
CONCRETE CRUSHING  Flores Sierra Contractors, Inc. Specialized in Concrete Recycling | Concrete Demolition | Onsite Concrete Crushing And Breaking.| Will Travel To Provide Onsite Crushing Services. Flores Sierra Contractors, Inc. is an expert in onsite / mobile concrete aggregate crushing, concrete demolition, concrete breaking and recycling. Other companies will only rent you the crushing machine and then you are left to complete the operation yourself. At Flores Sierra Contractors, Inc .We provide all the necessary equipment (track loaders, wheel loaders, excavators, hydraulic hammers or universal processors, skid steers etc.)And the man power to pull up slabs , foundations ,footings, and then pre-size the concrete aggregate material for input into the portable crushing unit (machine) Our portable concrete demolition services have been used on concrete slabs, footings and foundations , concrete bunkers and silos and other concrete structures .The crushed concrete aggregate is sized to your specifications. The crushed material can be used for backfill or sent for off site recycling. Here at Flores Sierra Contractors, Inc. We run the IROC RDS- 15 mobile concrete crushing plant comes with all conveyers and the equipment (excavators, wheel loader, etc) and the manpower to load and properly stockpile the crushed aggregate material. Flores Sierra Contractors, Inc. Can perform all the above services in conjunction with the asbestos abatement and demolition of existing structures. Flores Sierra Contractors, Inc. Your complete one stop demolition